Until recently, forgotten shutters are slowly returning to our favor. The manufacturers’ offers include more and more interesting products that will effectively decorate any building. However, does the purchase of shutters make any sense in our conditions? Is it worth installing them on wooden windows? Or maybe PVC? Or maybe it is just an unnecessary, high expense?

What exactly are shutters and what materials are they made of?

Contemporary shutters come in a variety of shapes and can fit almost any window. The manufacturers’ offers include both arched and standard straight shutters. We can choose between single and double leaf products.

Sliding shutters, which are mounted vertically to the wall, on the outside of the building, also look interesting. Sliding shutters are quite different from their traditional, full counterparts. They can have openwork, adjustable filling with the possibility of adjusting the angle of inclination. It is worth adding that sliding shutters are also suitable for installation in glazed rooms (they can also be used for glazed doors). Products of this type increase the sense of privacy and protect the room against burglary. They effectively replace roller shutter and is more resistant than them.

Both traditional and modern shutters can be made of several different materials.

Wooden shutters – they are the most popular and their appearance resembles traditional products. As a rule, wooden shutters have a complete filling and a double-leaf structure. They work well in buildings stylized as historic. However, the commercial offers also include a very modern wooden shutter that can be adapted to contemporary arrangements. The variety of manufacturers’ offers is so great that everyone will find something for themselves.

PVC shutters – as a rule, they are slightly lighter than their wooden counterparts. PVC is resistant to changing weather conditions and requires no maintenance. Better quality PVC shutter is colored throughout. This means that their color does not discolor or tarnish under the influence of intense sunlight. It is also worth emphasizing that some PVC shutter has additional metal inserts. Although the weight of these products is much greater, their resistance to mechanical damage increases.

Aluminum shutters – are most often used in modern buildings. They can protect windows and glass doorsThey are very light and durable at the same time. Enriched with additional anti-burglary fittings, they will be effective protection against thieves.

What exactly do shutters give?

Protection against sunlight – this is one of the most important tasks of shutters. A well-made shutter provides protection against intense sun and room heating. It can be especially useful with large glazing on the south side. In this category, wooden shutters are the best, as they do not heat up too much and at the same time provide protection against the sun. Closed at the appropriate time of the day, they can effectively protect rooms against excessive heat.

Protection against cold – a tight, wooden shutter is able to stop the cold that seeps in from the outside. According to the manufacturers, the shutter can improve the thermal insulation properties of the window by an additional 50%. Some metal products have additional insulation made of polystyrene or mineral wool. After closing such a shutter, our windows almost do not let the cold into the room.

Protection against noise – thicker, better-made shutter is a good acoustic insulator. We can use them on windows with loud traffic sounds. A closed shutter will provide us with greater comfort and allow us to rest freely.

Anti-burglary protection – shutter equipped with anti-burglary fittings are a good alternative to not aesthetic window grilles. They effectively protect against burglary and act preventively (discourage potential burglars). High-end products are very difficult to break through, which increases the security of the property.

Is it worth installing shutters?

We have already familiarized ourselves with the basic types of a shutter, their advantages, and leading manufacturers. Finally, it is worth answering the question of whether the installation of the shutter makes sense?

As the first criterion, we will consider thermal insulation properties. There are only a few extremely frosty days and a few (up to a dozen) days with intensely high temperatures. Therefore, the shutter will not be used as often. In fact, for our weather conditions, external blinds and even better quality internal roller blinds are enough.

Another criterion will be protection against noise and burglary. In fact, external roller shutter also has similar protective properties. A good quality external roller shutter can be an equally effective acoustic insulator and anti-burglary protection. It is worth noting here that the purchase of a roller shutter will be more economical. Good quality shutters are still quite expensive and the cost of their purchase effectively scares off many investors.

In connection with the above, it should be assumed that shutters are not a necessary element of real estate equipment. We can successfully replace them with a more economical roller shutter. Nevertheless, the shutter gives the buildings a unique character. It is worth installing them when we want to increase decorative value. The shutter is almost indispensable for houses inspired by the manorial and country style. It is also worth integrating them into highlander huts, as well as stylized log houses. In these cases, the shutter cannot be replaced with any roller shutter.

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