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Do you also enjoy those summer days? Enjoying the warm weather on your terrace, eating in the sun… But if the temperatures really rise and the outdoor thermometer shows thirty degrees or more, trop can sometimes be too much. Because the indoor temperature usually follows quickly, resulting in a lot of sweating and moaning. Opening the windows is usually not enough. That is an air conditioning system. But how do you know what the perfect air conditioner is for you?

Choosing an air conditioner, where do you start?

The ideal way to cool your home is to purchase an air conditioner or air conditioning. But don’t buy it on a whim. Work thoughtfully and first map out what your wishes are. In which rooms do you want air conditioning? How big are the surfaces? How often do you want to use the air conditioning? What is your budget? To buy the most suitable air conditioner for your situation, it is best to compare the different systems on the market.

What does air conditioning cost?

There are several factors that determine the price of an air conditioning system.

  • Power
    A first element is whether you only want to use the air conditioning for cooling or also for heating. A basic air-to-air heat pump is sufficient to warm up a room in the in-between season, so that your central heating system can stay off. Do you also want your heat pump as an alternative to your central heating? Then you need a device that retains its power even at colder outside temperatures.
  • Energy efficiency
    The energy efficiency of the appliance is also important. So check which energy label it carries. Basic models usually have an A+ energy label. The better systems – with lower energy consumption and less environmental impact – have A++ or even A+++.
  • Noise
    Today’s air conditioners are much quieter compared to the past. Cheaper systems, often mobile systems, still make noise, but not insurmountable. And devices that are especially intended for the bedroom are almost impossible to hear. In addition, there are also devices with a sound-damping function.
  • Options
    Do you want your air conditioning to do just that little bit more and meet your comfort requirements perfectly? You can go very far in terms of special features . There are models that are quiet, with extra purification options and energy-saving settings, which also provide radiant heat… Some you can even operate far away from home with your smartphone or tablet. In addition, there are systems that have certain detection sensors and thus adjust their operation automatically.

By being smart with your air conditioning, you can reduce your energy bill considerably. In the longer term, you are often better off investing in a more efficient (and more expensive) device. You initially pay more, but the return is also higher, so that you ultimately save on your energy costs .

What should your air conditioner be able to do?

Which air conditioner is ideal for you depends, among other things, on the size and function of the room, how much window area there is, what the orientation is, how good the insulation of your home is, etc. Your specific comfort requirements also play a role. There are various types of air conditioning systems on the market, each with their own specifications. An air conditioner must first and foremost offer the desired comfort, be easy to use and also have a good return .

What types of air conditioning are there?

There are two types of air conditioning systems:

  • You can move a mono-block air conditioner or mobile air conditioner more easily. The warm air is discharged from the inside to the outside through a hose. They are often temporary energy-consuming solutions, where you have to sacrifice some comfort.
  • Split air conditioning systems or air-to-air heat pumps  consist of an indoor and an outdoor unit that are connected to each other. The heat from the inside is conveyed to the outside via cooling pipes. Thanks to the installation of this type of air conditioning or also called air-air heat pump, you can enjoy both heating and cooling

because with these appliances it is possible to reverse the cooling cycle in the summer. The heat pump does not heat, but cools and functions as air conditioning. This type of heat pump is also very energy efficient with an efficiency that is always above 100% and lower energy costs as a result.

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