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Real Estate Agent – Most Important Tips

Selling a property is not as simple as hanging an ad and waiting for the offers to rain down, according to statistics, a buyer before deciding and buying, visits on average about 12 properties. Therefore, it is necessary some advice to sell the house following certain guidelines if we want to be successful in the sale of our house.

Recently, various media reported the improvement in the real estate market that was taking place in the country.

As for the sale of land, things have changed tons compared to a couple of years ago.

real estate agent

The news broke out first thing in the morning: the average time required to sell a property in Australia is currently 3 months.

This news, given by the media, could go unnoticed by many, but not by those who are currently thinking of selling their house.

If we look at 2015, the average time required to sell a house was 10 months, 3 times more than today. And if we go back to 2013, it took about 19 months on average to sell a home in our country.

According to the info that we are showing you, it’s a really opportune moment if you’re thinking of selling your house or flat. So if you are currently thinking of putting your home up for sale, we have prepared a list of tips to sell your home in less time and at a better price.

3 Tips to sell the house earlier and at a better price

1. Start preparing everything as soon as possible

The moment you decide to put your house up for sale, it would be a good time to start preparing it for sale.

Ideally, allow 3 to 6 months to prepare the home, bring it up to date, make any necessary repairs, and put it in order.

It is important to clear your house. Avoid excess furniture, books, pictures or boxes, as they will distract the potential buyer’s attention, and will also remove light and make the rooms seem smaller.

It will also be necessary to try that the house has a pleasant smell, the correct paint tones and that the house is ventilated.

Try to have all the small print controlled, like well folded towels within the bathroom, a fruit basket within the kitchen, clean windows, …

Something very important to facilitate the sale will be to depersonalize the home.

The decoration that you have chosen for your home surely does not like everyone, so it would be important to eliminate everything that is very personal and can generate a rejection in the buyer. For example, removing the photos would be essential, since the buyer does not want to enter someone else’s home.

Typically, the cleaner and more minimalist the better for sale.

Be careful with the cabinets, quite possibly potential buyers who visit your home will want to see what the cabinets are like inside. If you retain them well ordered, it’ll be a plus.

Ideally, you’d take a walk round the house together with your real estate agent, so he can guide you on what things are often attractive to the client and what things would cause the opposite effect.

2. Seek professional help

At Chris Arnold real Estate, we know that the help of a good professional is essential to be able to sell your home in a short time and at the right price.

It is important that you have a good real estate agent, since he can give you information on similar houses in your area, the trends in prices and can also advise you on what to do to show your home well.

Share with your real estate agent your forecasts of time to sell and let him advise you on the price of the property, since he knows the market, and the sale of a home must have an adequate price to realize the target we pursue.

Ask your real estate agent to recommend the simplest strategy to organize your property purchasable, in order that all the characteristics that we would like to spotlight are properly displayed.

A good real estate agent will also help you optimize the internet presence of your property, and will take advantage of this medium appropriately to make it known to potential buyers.

You can also ask your land real estate agent to elucidate their marketing plan. That is, let him tell you what measures he plans to hold bent sell your house. A good land real estate agent will inform you often of the efforts that are being made in marketing and their results.

In Chris Arnold real Estate, we’ve the important realtor you would like, so if you would like to successfully sell your home, don’t hesitate to contact us.

3. Fix the damage

Some damage can put the potential buyer of your home back. Therefore, it’s advisable to make a decision, alongside your real estate agent, the improvements to be made.

Although at first, fixing these defects may seem like an expense and a loss of benefits, the return on investment for a reform can be very high.

It is very likely that for 1,000 euros invested in fixing damage, the house can be sold for up to 5,000 euros more.

Through various studies it has been shown that the client values the arrangements 25% above their actual cost.

We also advise you to request invoices and keep a record of all the cash invested within the arrangements. This can be deducted from the taxes on the profits of the sale.

These are the 3 most important general tips that you have to keep in mind when selling your home.

As always, you’ll contact us if you’ve got any questions and that we will advise you in order that the whole process of selling your house is a hit.

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