What is refrigeration?

Both industrial refrigeration and air conditioning are based on the same mechanism: the cooling of fluid, generally, water or air, through the evaporation of another fluid called a refrigerant. The refrigeration circuit, which is made up of a compressor, evaporator, condenser, and lamination unit, constitutes an integral part of both systems. 

However, there are substantial differences between refrigeration and conditioning installations, for example in the components, in the design, in the commercial or industrial structures where they are installed, and in the operation itself, which justifies the existence of two different markets.

Refrigeration is the process by means of which a decrease in the temperature of fluids or bodies, in general, is achieved. 

These devices differ mainly in their appearance, depending on whether the product is going to be visible to the public or not, as well as on fundamental aspects such as compliance with regulations and the required cooling capacity.

 To combat hot weather, the solution that cannot be missing in any home is air conditioning. However, despite its effectiveness, it is not the only cooling system out there. For this reason, and because we know how important the decision to keep your home cool is, we have brought you the best 5 home refrigeration systems.

1. Fixed air conditioning

An HVAC heating ventilating air conditioning technician working on a large commercial unit.

We start with the essential cooling system for every home that wants to beat the heat: fixed air conditioning. It is responsible for cooling the environment by lowering the temperature and keeping it at a stable level .

It is a quite comfortable cooling system, which thanks to its remote control and its silent operation, compared to other cooling systems, has earned a place in everyone’s homes to cope with high temperatures and waves. of heat.

2. Portable air conditioning

Unique, efficient and can be moved from one room to another in a matter of minutes, this is the portable air conditioner. Ideal for cooling extremely hot spaces. It is placed directly on the ground and is capable of covering spaces of up to 50m2. It is a bit louder than the rest of the air conditioning models, but since it does not require installation, it is still one of the preferred refrigeration systems.

3. Fan

The fan is nothing more than a device that moves the air in a room. Especially in times of high heat, this device is used to help circulate the condensed hot air in a space. The fans can be obtained in the market with different presentations, suitable according to the need of each dimension.

Standing: like the fixed air conditioners, some models of standing fans have a remote control and even a timer.

Floor: on the market, you can find from the simplest models to the most powerful with more air flow.

Tower: they have almost the same characteristics as the floor fan, except for being smaller and much more aesthetic.

Ceiling: they are decorative, can have an integrated light and remote control, and of course, they refresh the whole environment.

Tabletop : they are small and practical, and with their swivel system they can create a quite pleasant breeze in any room.

4. Air coolers

Also known as evaporative coolers, they are evaporative cooling systems that combine efficiency with low cost. They have a fan in charge of drawing hot air through a filter covered by ice water. In this way, it reduces the ambient temperature up to 16ºC with respect to the outside. Due to the need to capture new air, it needs to be installed next to a window. However, it does not need a specialized installation and its consumption is really low.

5. Nebulizers

It is one of the fixed installations of outdoor home cooling systems. Its main task is to spray mist water, creating a microclimate in the hot zone. It is perfect to reduce the temperatures of the terrace or garden on hot days.

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