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We know that successfully managing a house accommodation is not as easy as it seems. Prepare breakfasts, organize outdoor activities, clean rooms, organize guest reservations and a host of other tasks that we sometimes can’t cope with.

This type of accommodation is a great job for those who run it, where every last detail must be taken care of with a clear objective: to offer the best to our clients.

Imagine that you are going to spend a weekend with your partner in a mountain town, away from the noise of the city, surrounded by nature and the peace that characterizes it. You enter through the door of the room, leave the suitcases and lie down on the bed but you see that there is a stain on the sheet.

You call reception and… This moment is crucial for the owner of the house accommodation, since the most obvious answer is to tell the guest that the bed will be dressed with new sheets, but the way we say it will change the perception of our accommodation. Good management will make your house accommodation go from being a dirty place to one in which they have known how to manage this problem.

Do you want your house accommodation to be profitable and that all clients leave satisfied? Well, we must take into account several factors ranging from cleanliness, comfort and design to inventory planning, accounting and communication. That is, if you decide to venture to manage a house accommodation, you should know that you must be an off-road person who can do whatever the accommodation needs. In addition, it will help you to have an open and close character since you will work with the public.

house accommodation

Maybe you already have a house accommodation and it is a stable business, but you should know that we can improve and offer something better to our clients. Do you want to know how? In this article we will give you a summary of the 5 tricks to successfully manage a house accommodation. Do you meet them all?


Keep in mind that visitors deliberately travel to spend a few days in your house accommodation, so the attention that we must offer them must be the best so that in the future they wish to repeat the experience or recommend it to their circle of friends.

Offer your guests information of interest about the place and activities in the area that may interest them. Bring out your friendlier side and always be positive with customers. They will notice!

As tips to make you stand out, we recommend you accompany your guests to their accommodation room and show them all the amenities available to them. You can also leave a small reception basket with typical sweets from the area where the house accommodation is located, as it will always give you an extra point if you also win them over by the stomach.

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We have been hearing this phrase for many years, but now more than ever it takes on importance. People search for everything on the Internet: clothes, furniture, everyday food and, of course, accommodation for their trips.

If you want to be able to successfully manage a house accommodation, invest in a photographer and post professional photos on your social networks such as Facebook and Instagram and on other platforms such as Booking or Trip Advisor to build a strong and powerful brand image. Forget about amateur photos taken with your mobile.


Nobody likes to spend money on accommodation where they go to rest and find a dirty room. Put clean, quality sheets and towels for each guest, make sure there are no bad smells and that everything is collected. Order is essential, as it is better not to abuse decorative elements and to leave the room more collected so as not to saturate the view.

Sign up this tip: You can put an air freshener to enhance the first impression of your room, since the sense of smell is connected to our memory and at the marketing level it is the best way for customers to remember us over time when they think about their trip.

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Licensing, reservation management and accounting. Make sure you have all the paperwork for the house accommodation in order and thus facilitate the business. Find out and create coworking with other businesses in your area promoting the rural environment. For example, if there is a ski slope near your accommodation, try to associate with it so that you can benefit from both businesses.

Prepare a strategic plan in which you can study the competition, point out your short, medium and long term objectives. Doing an analysis of the internal characteristics of your house accommodation (weaknesses and strengths) as well as an analysis of the external characteristics such as threats and opportunities, can help you successfully manage a house accommodation.


Offering activities and experiences will make your clients remember your accommodation better over time. Put at their disposal a guide for activities such as hiking, climbing, canoeing, horse riding… Think of experiences that they may experience for the first time.

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Another idea is to leave several board games in the room so that they can have fun and have as pleasant a stay as possible. To this you can add a jacuzzi or sauna to create a unique and unforgettable experience of your house accommodation.

It is your turn to implement the tricks that we have given you in this article to successfully manage a house accommodation and thus make it the best in the area.

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