printing services

In a company, a good optimization of resources becomes a fundamental task for day-to-day development like printing servicesSaving costs and avoiding unnecessary loss of time are two fundamental variables so that productivity does not decrease. In order to make this happen, it is necessary to exercise control over the use we make of the resources we have available.

On many occasions, companies do a study to reduce costs as much as possible, but many times, they forget to optimize something so fundamental for the day-to-day life of an office such as printing services.

There are a lot of companies that underestimate printing services costs and don’t realize that this is a mistake. It is not just about buying a device, but we also talk about the cost of consumables, the paper used, and the maintenance of the equipment or equipment, among others. Did you know that, according to a study by All Associates Group, Inc., Only 20% of printing costs are visible costs? This ignorance can be a significant expense to add to the business.

What are Printing Services?

Printing Services consist of hiring an external provider to continuously evaluate, optimize and manage a company’s printing environment in order to reduce costs, improve productivity and efficiency, in addition to reduce security risks.

These printing services include both the installation and maintenance of the equipment, as well as the shipment of all consumables, consulting, and specialized technical support, mainly.

In this way, it is easier to exercise control over the printing carried out in our office, knowing in advance the answer to various questions, such as: how many pages do we print during a specific period of time? What is the total volume of jobs sent to print? What is the printing cost of each worker or ours?

Advantages of Printing Services

More and more businesses decide to hire printing services to be able to worry about expenses and management in this area, knowing that they are thus controlled by a professional. Here are some of the advantages of how this service can contribute to the company:

a)     Cost and time reduction .

With Printing Services, you can find out what the printing cost is and how it is distributed, in order to develop a plan that helps reduce this investment.
With this service, you only pay for what you consume. Taking into account the printing volume of the office, the cost per page is calculated, the distribution of the equipment in the workspace, the necessary consumables for that volume, and the necessary technical support are received.

This avoids unforeseen expenses related to the maintenance of the device and helps to have efficient control of the budget. Apart from saving time, that means forgetting about the purchase and installation of new consumables and the management of technical incidents.

b) Maximize productivity.

By being able to refer the management of the printing services to an external entity, as we mentioned, workers will be freed from this task so that they can focus on other tasks that provide greater value to the company. On the other hand, the guarantee of the optimal functioning of the devices will have a direct impact on business productivity, by avoiding having the equipment inactive due to breakdown at inopportune moments.

c)     Make the use of devices profitable .

When you have contracted this type of service, you acquire everything you need to print in the office. From the installation to the supply of the necessary consumables and incident management according to the agreed level of assistance. You will receive reports of the use of the equipment so that you are always informed, making the decision-making process easier to optimize the cost and productivity of the employees.

d)     Improve the document and user management processes .

The Printing Services can give you information on the total printing volume or per user, allowing greater control and avoiding, in this way, that employees make different use of printing than the company’s activity. 

In addition, other types of restrictions can be established in terms of the printing configuration: if it must be in monochrome or color printing is allowed per user; predefine a standard print profile; or even direct printing to the lowest cost printing equipment.

In a business, printing services help you to have a better understanding of the use that is given to such an important element in the office as the printing park. Whether it is a company with a large number of workers on staff, or in SMEs, having printing can help increase business productivity and not worry about this aspect, so that you can use the effort in tasks more relevant to the development of the company.