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Buying a diamond is an exciting experience. The most expensive gem is easily imitated with synthetic cubic zirconia or cheaper minerals. To ensure that the investment is not wrong, there are a number of ways to distinguish the proposed counterfeit:

Magnifier. Under a tenfold loupe, inclusions that take place inside the diamond will be noticeable. It is worth remembering that there are no bubbles in a natural nugget.

Clearance. If you put a real diamond on paper with text, you won’t see the text and paper through it. And through a fake, it is even possible to read what is written under it.

Steam. Breathe on the rock for a few seconds. A real diamond will not “feel” the breath. The fake will fog up or give itself away with droplets of condensation.

Thermal conductivity. Natural stone stays cold even in hot weather.
Severity. The natural mineral will sink in a glass of water, but imitation will not.

Frame. Diamonds are not enclosed in cheap metals (silver, low-grade gold).
Brand. A sample with the designation CZ will give cubic zirconia. On the reverse side of the product is also indicated the carat of gold or the symbol PT, if the setting is platinum.

Cut. The craftsmen who create the diamond do their job at the highest level. Therefore, diamond cutting provides for focusing – the entire beam of light falling on the stone is collected at a single point. The counterfeit is not endowed with this effect. Oil. If you make an oil strip on a diamond, it will remain flawless, whereas on cubic zirconia it will blur and accumulate in droplets. And oiled natural diamond will stick to the glass.

Hydrochloric acid. Such a ruthless method is not terrible for a real diamond. Finite will give itself away with the remaining acid stain.
The diamond is also replaced with leucosapphires (colorless sapphires) or spinel. Water or glycerin will help distinguish such a fake – only a diamond will shine in these liquids. Jewelers evaluate the authenticity of diamonds using special instruments.

Jewelry with mineral. Is rightfully considered the most expensive gem. Only exceptional samples of other minerals of the first five – sapphire, alexandrite, or emerald – can exceed its value. One carat of the best-performing 4C diamond starts at $ 25,000.

Domestic stores offer an assortment of diamond jewelry at the following prices:

Ring. For a product made of 750 white gold and for 3 pebbles with a total weight of 0.33 carats, you will have to pay 62 thousand dollars. If the total weight of diamonds in the same product reaches 0.77 carats, such a ring will cost about 200 thousand dollars.

Earrings. Unpretentious 585-karat white gold studs with diamond inserts with a total weight of 0.5 carats start at 65-70 thousand dollars. Inserts of 0.4 carats each will cost 200 thousand and more.

Suspension. Lovers of minimalism and cheapness may like a pendant for 20 thousand dollars. Such a piece of jewelry will weigh no more than 0.04 carats. An insert of 0.5 carats makes the pendant cost at least 130 thousand.

Brooch. Such jewelry with a scattering of diamonds with a total weight of 1.92 to 2.6 carats will cost from 460 to 600 thousand dollars on average.

A profitable investment. If you want to invest your finances profitably, buying is what you need. The price of a round-cut stone weighing 1.01 carats, the first in purity (1st category of the scale) with a very light color (3rd point of the color scale), can be 1 mln. 165 thousand dollars.

How to wear correctly. In the case of diamonds, there is a special etiquette that must be followed if you do not want to look expensive, but tasteless. It is better to choose and wear this jewelry based on a number of rules:

Young girls – small stones, elegant frames. For adult women – large solo stones and massive designs.

The stone of the night. Its radiance is at its maximum in the evening. Jewelry intended for daylight hours should be neat, inlaid with small gems.
Wearing jewelry in the office is acceptable. Moreover, there should be one piece of jewelry to choose from – neat stud earrings, an unobtrusive ring, or a miniature pendant. The main thing is grace and minimalism.

The style of dress is classic business or evening. At the same time, the wardrobe should consist of expensive branded items to match the jewelry. Combination with colorful, colorful clothes is unacceptable. Earrings look better with a short haircut or hair pulled up so as not to obscure the beauty of the product.

The ring should be one. When rings flaunt on several fingers at once – this is bad manners. Only a combination of engagement and wedding rings is permissible if both are adorned. There should not be a lot of jewelry at the same time. Earrings can be combined with a pendant, necklace, or with a ring and brooch at the same time. The ring can also be worn with a bracelet. Massive brooches or necklaces should be soloed. You cannot combine a pendant with a brooch.

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