investment diamonds

The concept of a investment diamonds value goes back more than one thousand years. The potential depends on how rare its combination of characteristics is. 

So, a colorless diamond weighing 4 carats is suitable for investment diamonds in colors from D to G, that is, from completely to almost colorless, and quality from IF to VS2 (from perfectly transparent to containing minor inclusions invisible to the naked eye). To  estimates , over the past 15 years they have more than doubled in price. 

For colored investment diamonds, the prevalence of a particular tone comes to the fore. Statistics show that over the 15 years, the rarest pink rose more than 4.5 times, and the much more common yellow rose in price about the same as colorless. 

investment diamonds

In recent history, investment diamonds as a tool for preserving and increasing capital have largely remained in the shadows. But today the diamond business has become more transparent and closer to an unprofessional participant, offering access to all the necessary information. At the same time, pricing remains difficult due to the specifics of the asset, so the reliability of the participants in the transaction comes to the fore. 

A diamond can be purchased in the primary or secondary market. The latter option attracts with a sense of limitless options and greater price flexibility. But, as in the case of any “secondary”, it is important to check the counterparty, documents (certificates) and the asset itself. This can be avoided when buying a famous house at auction. 

investment diamonds In Best Value :

An alternative is the primary market . Moreover, in the case of a large integrated producer, which is constantly in the focus of attention of the media and regulators, its reputation is a guarantee of the “ethical” origin of the diamond, which every year plays an increasingly important role in resale. True, diamond miners are not very active in retail. So, De Beers offers investment diamonds only in jewelry (Forevermark and De Beers Jewelers) with an extra charge for design and brand, while Rio Tinto granite and sells at the annual tenders only the most expensive pink and red stones with Argyle. 

In Australia, the primary diamond market (in contrast to the same investment gold ) exists, and when buying a diamond directly from the manufacturer, the transaction can be completed both in Moscow and elsewhere in the world. At the same time, a diamond, unlike soft refined gold, does not require special conditions of transportation and storage, and is much more compact. 

investment diamonds

Investment diamonds prices exceed $ 50 thousand per carat (0.2 g), so a 5 carat diamond worth $ 250 thousand can be worn in a ring or pendant without losing the resale value, while a comparable gold bar weighing several kilograms needs space for storage and protection against mechanical damage. 

Prices for expensive diamonds are relatively resistant to economic disasters, however, a period of five, or better, about 10 years is considered the optimal investment horizon. At the same time, the market works hard to increase secondary liquidity. In addition to the transfer for sale to the auction house, which is justified for the rarest and most expensive copies because of the large commissions, offers of investment diamonds are beginning to appear with the help of a buyback. 

So, when buying a diamond in the primary market as part of the ALROSA Diamond Exclusive program, the buyer gets the opportunity to put his stone in an individual non-public auction with a minimum commission. But in any case, in order to get the maximum price, one must expect that the implementation of such an investment will take 3-6 months.

Having a diamonds bought once a long time ago or inherited, it is worth starting with transferring it to an accredited gemological laboratory with a good reputation – such exist, for example, at specialized universities and faculties (geology, mineralogy). Based on the results of the examination, it will be possible to decide on further steps. Jewelry, especially antique ones, requires an individual approach, and it is better to immediately contact specialists in this field.