Hot Water

Hello, today we have an article about Interesting facts around the house to read …….  Many people when buying a house or condo. Some projects will provide a hot water system or a water heater system, which, when buying, many people do not mind because they think they are the same. That is, however, we get to take a hot shower. But the reality is a Warm water system and hot water system here. Not the same. There will be differences in both system operations since the construction stage. Power consumption is different. Including use as well. Which type is good and which is not good ?? Which one is suitable for? In this article, let’s solve the problem.

Water heater 

Let’s start with the water heater. This system will be a common system. That is, you don’t need to prepare any pipes before you can buy a water heater to install. The working principle is also very simple. Is the water from the water pipes, which is normal temperature water Will flow through the machine and out into the shower hose is warm water So if we observe the area of ​​the water heater 

There will be a pipe coming out of the wall into the machine. And from the machine, there is a soft hose, which is a shower hose that comes out sure enough. The most important aspect of a water heater is that it must be installed with an earth wire to protect it from electric shock. 

Which water heaters are divided into 2 types:

  • Thermal pass  – The principle of this system is that the water inlet goes through a tube or coils that are not very large but hot. Causing hot water to flow through a small amount Thus allowing the water to heat up quickly This machine is not very large. But it will have a disadvantage that the pipe is not a very large pipe. There may be a blockage in the pipe from the limestone. Causing the water to flow out unevenly
  • Boiler Type  – In this case, the water flows into the boiler, which may be made of gold or synthetic material. And make it hot (like boiling hot water, sure enough), so this may take time to heat the water before it can be used.
    This copper boiler has the advantage of good heat resistance. Lasts longer But may have slag Therefore, you have to keep checking the water filter point before the water enters the pot as well.
    The synthetic heater is usually made of high-quality plastic called Grilon (this kind of plastic is often used as a radiator in cars), so it can endure extreme heat. When choosing a plastic boiler, choose one that is one-piece, seamless, and good quality plastic. To prevent leakage and extend the life of use.

Water heaters are sold everywhere. Some models will only sell the device. Some models will also include a shower hose. Or designs that are combined with Rain Shower are also available. The price of the water heater will range from 100 dollars to 1,000 dollars. Depending on the brand, heat output power or watts. And materials used to make water heaters too.

There are many confusing terms used when discussing water heaters, but one thing is clear: the term “water heater” can refer to a hot-water or cold-only appliance.

A hot water heater heats up your home’s tap water and stores it in an insulated tank for later use so you don’t have to wait for that first pot of boiling pasta all over again. A typical household will need about 50 gallons (189 liters) of storage capacity, which ranges from 40% thermal efficiency at best with electric models – meaning 60% energy wasted as electricity – to 90%-plus efficient gas units because they only operate while heating demand exists ˗ typically 24 hours/day during colder months.

What is the difference between a hot water heater and a water heater?

A lot of people are surprised to learn about this distinction, but there’s one. A traditional gas-fired tankless Hot Water Heater will provide instantaneous heating for showers or dishwashing while saving you money on your monthly energy bills because it doesn’t need time to preheat as other models do before turning out warm air.