engagement rings

Nowadays it seems absolutely normal and almost mandatory to receive an engagement rings at the time of getting married, but we have to know that it was not always like that. In fact, it is a fairly recent custom if we take into account the entire history of the human being.

In prehistoric times, men tied ties of grass around the wrists, feet, and waists of their partners in order to control their spirits. In the year 2800 BC, the Egyptians considered rings a symbol of eternity and that is why couples used them to seal their commitments.

Roman culture, however, adopted this accessory as a symbol of possession,  so Roman men marked their partners with iron rings that symbolized engagement rings strength and permanence. Meanwhile in Asia the sultans sheikhs used them to label their wives.


engagement rings

Later in the year 860, Christians began to use these jewels in their marriage bonds. But soon the church banned them as a pagan traditionIn the 13th century the rings reappeared and served to establish the legality of marriages.

In the century, the first rings with stones emerged, each one with its special meaning, the ruby ​​symbolized love, the emerald home and diamonds eternity.

In the 20th century, advertising for diamond rings emerged both in film and print. These rings continue to be the favorite of couples in love ALL over the world. Currently 78% of the engagement ring sold each year are made of diamonds 

It must be understood that the act of giving an engagement ring is a symbolism that cannot mean anything other than trust, commitment and perhaps something even more important.