safety barriers

Safety barriers are equally important, but many of them on the market do not meet basic safety standards. Safety in the workplace is very important. The employer is responsible not only for the equipment and equipment but mainly for the employees. Many issues related to safety in the workplace are also regulated by law. These include escape routes, personal protective equipment, or adequate emergency lighting. 

The program aims to improve safety in the workplace. The rules of conduct define the technical requirements for the production and testing of safety barriers, which allows for quality control and impact resistance. Additionally, it specifies requirements and suggestions for the use offenders. So how do safety barriers affect safety in the workplace? You will find the answer in the article below.


Potential places of danger for pedestrians are places where pedestrian paths intersect with paths on which vehicles, such as forklifts, are traveling. There could be a collision there. To prevent this, it is important to apply all security measures, including separation of pedestrian traffic with the use of safety barriers and separation of pedestrian and car routes. Additionally, it is worth separating pedestrian crossings or crossings that will be located above the road intended for vehicles. Protective gates are particularly recommended for this purpose. 

Thanks to their use, we can be sure that none of the pedestrians walking along the designated route will intrude on the road of moving vehicles.


Effective traffic management is essential for a safe workplace. Thanks to the use of flexible barriers, as well as other products from the A-Safe offer, e.g. safety gates, we can be sure that we will significantly increase safety in the workplace. By using a system of protective barriers, we can plan vehicle routes in conjunction with pedestrian crossings, separate pedestrian and vehicle traffic, as well as mark pavements and safe areas.


In order to protect the stored products, as well as the structures and equipment of the workplace, it is important to properly select the height of the protective barriers. To do this, it is worth analyzing what vehicles are used in the workplace and choosing the height of the protective barrier system for them. In order to protect the stored products, we must also remember to protect them against the forks of forklifts. 

In order to adequately protect them against impacts in low zones, it is worth using protective curbs designed for this purpose. Their additional advantage is the limitation of the storage space for pallets and other goods, as well as the access of objects to protected areas. It is possible to easily integrate curbs with the safety barrier system.


Adequate field of view is one of the most important aspects in planning safety in the workplace. In order to properly design them, it is worth paying special attention to the differences in the perspective of pedestrians and people driving vehicles. Apart from the OHS safety barriers, posts will be particularly useful in this regard. Thanks to them, the persons driving vehicles will be provided with visual indications, which is especially important, e.g. when reversing. The posts, in addition to the information function, are also perfect for protecting corners and places exposed to impact.


In large-scale workplaces, there are often so many equipment and devices that it is difficult to stay safe without adequate safeguards. Therefore, it is important that the colors of the equipment clearly stand out in hazardous places. For this purpose, a set of colors has been developed which are recognized worldwide as indicators of danger. It is red and yellow in combination with black. The colors of A-Safe safety barriers perfectly match this principle. The barriers, thanks to the combination of yellow and black colors, draw particular attention to vehicle drivers.

Safety barriers are a great way to ensure safety in the workplace. Thanks to their installation, we can effectively take care of traffic management, and additionally increase the safety of pedestrians and drivers. By appropriately adjusting the height of the barrier system, we can protect the stored products, as well as the structures and equipment of the workplace, and additionally increase the field of view of people moving in vehicles. The possibility of simple integration of safety barriers with other products, such as posts, gates, or curbs, allows you to easily ensure the highest level of safety in the workplace.