Roof restoration

Redoing your roof is an important step when renovating a house. Indeed, in addition to protecting against noise and bad weather, the Roof restoration is a major element in the aesthetics of your home.

Have you noticed some leaks due to bad weather? Has your roof not been inspected for nearly 10 years? It is sometimes essential to redo your roof. Find out everything you need to know before embarking on your roof renovation.

Why Roof restoration?

Several reasons may lead you to redo or Roof restoration . This can first be useful for waterproofing your home. A renovation project can also be considered if your roof is old to modify its exterior appearance. In this case, it is strongly recommended to call in a professional who will take into account the slope of the roof, the climate, local architectural rules and the local urban plan of your place of residence to define the nature of the work and the necessary materials .

Craftsman roofer working on a roof and laying a tile

It is important to differentiate the renovation from the repair of a roof. In fact, roof renovation involves repairing the roof, changing damaged tiles and cleaning them using suitable products. The repair of the roof or the covering may be necessary when the renovation is no longer sufficient despite the anti-foam treatments and water-repellent products applied. In this case, it is simply a question of changing the roof.

The precautions to take before redoing your roof :

Whether you want to redo or renovate your roof, you must take several precautions. The first thing to do is to contact the town hall in advance to obtain a work permit. This authorization is essential if you intend to modify the material of the roof or change its color.

It is then necessary to check the solidity of the framework. Indeed, it must be able to support the new cover. However, don’t neglect safety. It is recommended not to carry out roof renovation work alone and to call in a professional to benefit from suitable equipment. The expert will also be able to determine the treatments required for your roof.

What is the cost of a roof renovation?

The Roof restoration of a roof costs between 300 and 500 euros per square meter on average. However, many factors can make this price vary: the choice of materials, the surface concerned, the dilapidated state of the existing … Moreover, if the roof repair includes a strengthening of the energy performance of the housing, aid and subsidies may cover part of the expenses incurred.