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The logistics and courier service are very similar for various reasons. Their purpose is to transport a package, message or merchandise from one point to another. The main difference between courier or logistics lies in the level of involvement that the courier transport company has with the shipment.

Thus, logistics is focused on the organization and implementation of the entire courier operation. From the management of the transport of the raw material to the customer service that, once the package is delivered, is provided. Generally, this complete logistics service is known as comprehensive logistics.  Which implies the logistics of the entire process and frees the client from the responsibility and strategic complications that the different logistics processes necessary for them entail.

The courier, for his part, deals only with the delivery of courier and packages. When this type of logistics service is contracted, it is done for a specific and, usually, urgent transport need. It is for this reason that the courier service is very suitable for those companies that have a logistics department and only need to outsource the transport of their products in specific situations.

What is the courier service?

The courier is a form of logistics service that is usually used to cover specific logistics needs. In most cases, documents or packages are usually sent as a matter of urgency. The best thing about this service is the speed of transport, security and the high level of specialization of the professionals who work with this type of service.

This type of express courier service is very useful because it manages to solve specific needs of the company. In addition, it does it with great speed, professionalism and security. For example, contracts, project deliveries or other legal documents that need to be delivered in a very short period of time.

courier service

What is the comprehensive logistics service?

Comprehensive logistics is a service that encompasses all the processes and areas of the logistics department. From product packaging to customer service. It is a very efficient solution for those companies that have a recurring need for logistics. Partly because they manage to reduce costs and minimize the problems derived from logistics management.

Many express courier companies like Carter Couriers have integral logistics as their star service. It is, in a way, about becoming a partner of the client who hires the logistics service to provide support in all the needs that may arise.

In this sense, it is a very comfortable solution since you make sure that you will have good specialists taking care of your logistics department and that they will always be ready to provide you with a solution when you need it. Forget about hiring a customer service or fighting with suppliers to solve problems with deliveries and shipments.

3 Advantages of the courier service

Hiring a logistics service or another will depend on the needs of the company and the situations in which they find themselves. However, you can point out some key advantages of the courier service.

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1. The courier is the fastest logistics service

It is faster. The courier service is usually subject to a specific need that is often urgent or has the need to be faster than “normal”. The courier and parcel company is aware of this and its offer of courier services is usually directly related to a short delivery time.

2. Courier Transportation: Safety First

As a general rule, courier services are usually closely related to a security factor. Why? Simple, because if the transport company does not manage to send the order on time, they lose credibility and, in many cases, part of the income from the operation is reduced or disappears. In addition, as a consequence of the loss of credibility, future customers can be lost and this in the long run also means a loss of income. Therefore, most logistics companies are committed in a special way to ensure that this order arrives on time.

3. It is easier to determine traceability

Many courier and transport companies usually add software with which you can have control of operations and as a consequence, at all times, have updated information on the status of your parcel. In this way, the company can have proof of the traceability of the order and is able to determine, at any time, where the merchandise is.

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This possibility is very interesting for companies that have an urgency to receive or send a package since they can organize the rest of the operations depending on the arrival of their order and have a very optimized timing.

Although it is evident that the Courier is a very advantageous logistics service, it is important to note that its suitability will depend on the needs of each company, since as explained before, it is best to use it when a fast service is needed. Therefore, before hiring this type of service, it is important to evaluate the real logistics needs. If you need more assistance, visit our faqs page or get in touch with us.

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