Bathroom repair

Do it yourself bathroom repair overhaul can cost you about 1.5 times less than a complex of specialist services. But only on the condition that the materials are selected practical, the work is done with high quality and in the correct order, and the aesthetic result is liked by everyone in your home.

Therefore, we will analyze in detail the sequence of planning and repair operations, a list of everything you need, the nuances of choosing the type of finishing.

And also consider popular materials that combine affordable cost and durability of the bathroom repair.

1) Objectively evaluate the location of the plumbing.

And at the same time – the convenience of planning. What to leave in place? Which is better move? How can you make the area of the room more ergonomic and comfortable for everyone?

Perhaps a spacious cast-iron bathtub can be restored and organically fit into the new interior? Or deploy?

2) Develop a new design project.

Draw a detailed sketch of the future interior for water procedures on paper or (which is preferable) order/render a visualization in a special computer program. Think over everything in detail, taking into account the plumbing and headsets that will remain.

3D visualization, of course, will save you from the unforeseen inconvenience. But if you change the location of the plumbing, plan to demolish, or conversely, make an additional partition, it is better to discuss the new plan with a specialist from an engineering firm. Moreover, it is advisable to immediately ask for advice about the further installation of electrical wiring.

3) Remove the plumbing to be replaced.

Old cast iron pipes must also be dismantled.

4) Remove the old trim.

In a house built before the early 2000s, it is advisable to completely clean the walls and remove the old flooring. And in addition, sheathe the wall with light partitions before finishing.

This is first, due to the fact that in old buildings the bathroom repair and toilet were made in a compartment built with the use of harmful asbestos cement.

Secondly, fresh, modern finishing materials will look better in the new interior anyway

5) And old electrical wires.

They can only be left if the new wiring system is external.

The order of work in a new building

1)Develop a project.

In a new apartment with a spacious bathroom, you have the opportunity to think over from scratch convenient zoning, a plan for the location of plumbing, and introduce new design chips.

2) Develop a plumbing scheme.

This stage complements the previous one. You can use a special computer that will draw up a diagram of communications, heating for you and simplify part of the work for your bathroom repair.

The order of bathroom repair and finishing work

Preparation of materials

1)Choose the types of finishing materials.

Having your sketch on hand, pick up tiles, ceramics, paint or other materials in the desired colors in the store/internet.

There are a few things to keep in mind at this stage of your bathroom repair.

  • If you plan to install a warm floor, the following coatings are suitable: porcelain stoneware, clinker tiles, terracotta enameled monocottura. Or a laminate marked “for warm floors”.
  • The trend towards uniformity allows you to paint all walls and ceilings with waterproof paint. However, part of the wall near the bathroom or the wall of an open shower enclosure is best finished in this case with tiles, wall panels made of colored glass or plexiglass.
  • Using special online options, you can visualize different layouts of tiles or PVC panels, quickly calculate the number and/or area of materials of the desired brand. That is immediately carried out in points 2 and 3.

2) Mark the walls.

3) Calculate the area to be finished

4) Preparation of the ceiling.

5) Replacement or installation of communications

6) Floor preparation

7) Bath installation

8) Rough wall plaster

9) Decorative wall decoration

10) Laying the floor covering

11) Laying the last strip of wall tiles

12) Bathroom screen cladding

13) Installation of a suspended ceiling

14) Installation of sockets, switches, lamps

15) Installation of plumbing fixtures

16) Interior decoration

Examples of finishing a bathroom repair with budget materials

In addition to wall tiles and suspended ceiling structures, there are other facing materials that are affordable and practical at the same time. Here are some use cases for such materials for bathroom repair.

1)PVC panels on walls and ceilings

2) PVC on the walls and aluminum panels on the ceiling.

3) Painting walls and ceiling with waterproof compounds.

4) Designer combination of PVC panels and waterproof paint on the walls and paint on the ceiling.